Sometimes my curiosity leads me down a rabbit hole of endless topics. Mostly trivial stuff and subjects that lead from one topic to another unrelated one.
On one such occasion of those hours of exploring on the interweb, it led me to explore the way sight impaired people perceive the world and experience life.

It made me ponder how I would fare if I were to be blind even for just a day. I imagine I’d probably bump into so much walls and knock so many things over. I already find it so difficult sometimes when I forget my eyeglasses, and I just wear corrective lenses for distance. What more if I were to be totally blind.
I think about how I would have to learn how to read braille… Yup, I would definitely struggle with that since I sometimes have trouble even reading the subtitles on my Kdramas (why do they flash them so darn fast?! Weh?!)

I found it fascinating to learn that most people who were born blind, dream that same way, they don’t dream of any visuals or images. Furthermore, sight impaired people don’t see black or dark like you or me when we close our eyes. Light still gets into our optic nerves even as we close our eyelids. Blind people see “nothing”.
Another thing about being blind (or having any other sensory input deprived) is that your other senses are amplified. This for me, is a positive. Not that I would like it permanently though.
Imagine having your sense of taste “leveled up” while eating delicious food and immersed in pleasing aromas and sounds.
Zoomanity Group is now offering us a way:

A special dinner from 5-8pm (Including pre-dinner orientation) on these following dates:

October 28, 2017 Zoocobia Fun Zoo, Clark Pampanga

November 11, 2017 Zoori (Zoo @ Residence Inn),  Tagytay City

November 18, 2017 Midori Restaurant, Alabang Country Club

For Tickets and More inforation please contact  the Zoomanity Group at :





or email

Nigh Safari _Zoomanity Group

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