India has more places than one can hope to visit. A rare experience that you would probably get once in a lifetime.

If you truly want to know what India is all about, you simply need to know about Indian food.

So come and follow me, and start to walk around Makati, yes, hidden within the business district of Makati is a comfy restaurant that offers home cooked Indian cuisine.

After indulging in various local food and fast foods throughout the week, I decided to give my taste buds a jolt to reboot my palate.

Even if I’m not a big fan of spicy food, i craved for something different to reinvigorate my day. I stumbled upon a simple and comfortable Indian Restaurant.




The name of the resto is Swagat Indian Cuisine (Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian). Located in the very stressful and congested streets at Rada St. in FCC Bldg. Makati City. So expect parking to be “challenging”. You can opt to try your luck at finding a parking space during the day, or the increase your chances at finding a parking spot by the street after office hours.

As I entered the restaurant, I really noticed the shift in my mood from bored to excited, because of the strong aroma and the ambiance. especially the Indian Bollywood music. This instantly transported me to a different mindset, as if being in another country, and I bet it is also the reason that it encourages guests to stay on.


Bollywood music & Indian tv program creates a soothing background ambiance.


Indian ornaments and decor


Indian traditional rustic charms


colorful frames


Achievement and Reviews


I started to order my food as soon as the server approaches with a smile and greets me, she is very pleasant, attentive and helpful in describing the food choices as I am not familiar with the menu. Before sending my order to the kitchen, she asks me if I prefer mild or spicy? “Mild please”, I say. And so mild was prepared.


14045995_10210209193567969_8735776995118925673_n (1)
The service was friendly and efficient


I ordered:

1 Masala Dosa              for only 175php

1 Vegetable Biryani       for only 160php

1 Bhindi Masala            for only 125php

1 Chiken Korma            for only 210php

1 Roti                           for only 20php


Masala Dosa one of my favorites, I tasted this in Sri Lanka


Vegetable Biryani, so delicious,


Bhindi Masala


Chicken Korma




The prices are good, The whole meal cost 690php good for two hungry food adventure seekers.


Good for two people yummy!


They also deliver in Makati Area


you can order wine too if you want


The quality and taste of the meals convinced us entirely. I super super like it!

Of course being Indian cuisine means that the choices of meat that they serve are only chicken or mutton (goat). They also offer yogurt dishes and home made cheese.

I would recommend this place to anybody who wants to eat good Indian food.


I know there are many good places to eat in Manila, This is definitely one of them. Love the food  and will return soon.


If you are a real foodie and want a taste of India, or simply crave for something different to spice up your week. Any dish you try will be a good choice, as if you tasted it from where it originated.

The most important parts of the Indian cuisine are rice, flour (also called atta), and an element called pulses. Pulses are masoor (red lentils), chana (Bengal ram), toor (pigeon pea), urad (black gram), and mung (green gram.)

Curries are also very important and are often fried in vegetable oil. In the Indian language, curries are often understood to mean ‘gravy’ because it accompanies other foods in the dishes.

They have four different main regional styles Indian food divided into four sections by the region in which they are utilized:

Northern part in India cuisine (The regions Benaras, Kashmir, Mughlai, Punjab and Rajasthan),

The South Indian cuisine (regions Andhra, Kannada, Kerala and Tamil), East Indian cuisine (regions Assamese and Bengali)

Western Indian cuisine (regions Gujarat, Maharashtrian and Malwani).

The northern part of India is mostly rural, although it contains large cities such as Delphi or Calcutta, thus its cuisine is more agricultural than anything, wheat being a primary constituent of this region’s dishes.

South India or south regions however tend to be more exotic, more spicy in their dishes and rice is a constant ingredient in their food. To give the taste of their main dishes.

 North India use onions and coriander whilst southerners use a more exotic coconut base for their dishes.

So keep in mind each region has a different food habit. Going to one place doesn’t mean you have tried all Indian food.

Visit India and go to a place which serves home style food..

Swagat Indian Cuisine (Vegetarian and Non- Vegetarian) Home cooked Halal food

119 FCC Bldg. Rada St. Makati City

11:00 am to 11pm ( They accept deliveries )

Contact Number: 7525669/5015079 or 09228825606/09182696205

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  1. Cant believe there in Philippines getting Indian food that’s to good , really seeing food picks i feel its same that we eat in India…

    1. yeah thank you!! There’s a lot in here an Indian resto, but rare only the real or the authentic one… but ofcourse better to visit India to taste the more different kinds of Indian foods,.. 🙂

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