Make a wish dare to do what dreamers do….

It is in our culture that to be able to make a wish, a legitimate wish. It has to be your birthday, then you make a wish before you blow out your candles? Right?

This is the one time each year that we are given the opportunity to make a wish.

But in Bha Thien Temple in a small side street of Nguyen Trai District 5 in Cho lon. Is an old  Chinese Temple

(China Town) of Ho Chi Minh City of Vietnam you can purchase one Incense coil or Incense spiral. The price is 20,000 Vietnamese Dong (around $1 USD) and It can last about 1 week. The largest Incense spiral can burn for 3 months. They will give you a small card and you have to write down what are you hoping for or your biggest wish in life. They will attach the card with your name to the Incense spiral and then hang them from the ceiling of the temple.

One could buy incense coils to be hung and lit and make a wish


They believe your prayer or wishes will be carried up to the heaven by the smoke of the Incense. The tradition says your wish will come true after.

It is indeed a very authentic temple, covered with large hanging Incense coils,  that you can’t even see in other parts of China and Taiwan.

The only drawback is to asthmatic people or those with allergies like me, the air which is heavy with Incense smoke, stings my nostrils and I can barely breath even if it’s an open air temple. There´s so much smoke from the all the burning incense that it´s hard to stay for too long.

Entrance is free and the atmosphere is very solemn and very ancient .

Worth a visit!

And make a wish!

Remember to write it down,  write down your goal – and you will have your wish. “Good Luck”…

Click this video to view it

Make a wish

Hang the incense coil

Make a wish : Thien Hau Pagoda Temple





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