A beautiful tropical garden gives you the pleasure of lovely refreshment amidst the warm weather of this tropical island, Utopia Resort and Spa @ Puerto Galera.


Puerto Galera in the province of Oriental Mindoro, Philippines.

The travel time from Manila to Batangas by land is around 2 hours, and then the ferry boat ride from Batangas to Puerto Galera takes 1hour and 15minutes.

Puerto Galera in the province of Oriental Mindoro, Philippines.


Do you know that there is a bay in Puerto Galera that is included in the list of the most beautiful bays of the world?  and is the only bay in the Philippines to be included in that illustrious club, that is Muelle Bay.

Muelle Bay is a point of entry to go to Sabang Beach, It is the main destination for foreign tourists or for divers.


When you think of Puerto Galera one of the first places that pops into your mind is the most popular beach for local travelers, the famous White Beach.

But there is a new resort on the block, one which rivals the more famous, more touristy resorts. And I was fortunate enough to be one of the first travelers to have visited this heavenly spot on the island, Utopia resort and spa.

From Batangas port, we rode a boat to Muelle port.

Batangas Port


To Muelle Bay


Muelle Port


In  Muelle Bay,there’s a lot of shops, bars and restaurants .


Upon arriving at Muelle bay, the service van of Utopia resort and spa was waiting to pick us up. It only takes 5 -7 minutes to get to the resort located a short drive from Sabang Beach, which has an active nightlife with numerous bars and restaurants.

Free shuttle service of Utopia resort and spa, will bring you to tourist spots & popular places around Puerto Galera.


Utopia resort and spa is a hideaway on the hill with stunning views over the bays.

The Utopia resort and spa is located high above the hills with stunning views down to the sea and town.




We were given a warm welcome by the owner, Mr. Kevin Bruce. The resort property is vast and wide, it has a big parking space for cars.  If you look closely by the entrance you will see soothing garden landscapes with waterfalls, fountains and ponds with lots of small fish.

Christmas decorations in the entrance


During my visit, which was on the beginning of the holiday seasoned frenzy and traffic hellish nightmare scene in Manila. Christmas decorations were already set up in the entrance of the resort which was to be my home away from home for the next couple of days.

I loved the elegant and refined decoration of the resort. The white Christmas tree in the guest lounge.

We love the traditional Christmas tree (because, who doesn’t?)


On the day of our arrival, their front desk personnel was so accommodating, they enthusiastically gave us a mini tour of the resort and all the rooms, answered our questions, and met our needs.

I was introduced to some of their staff, which was comprised of some foreign expats. They were all very skilled in their jobs. There was a German electrician and a Swedish gardener. All their staff were professional and friendly as well.

The staff are so easy to talk to and openly accommodated our requests.


Although we arrived at the resort earlier than expected, we received a complementary  breakfast while waiting for our room to be ready. One thing we loved was that they have an outdoor dining set up, we had breakfast here and they ensured that we had everything we needed. It was a nice private place, gives you the magnificent view, breakfast was yummy and we had a spectacular time!

This is the view from the outdoor garden where we had breakfast. Loved everything about this place.


If you are looking for the best sunrise and sunset view, this is definitely the place to be.


Utopia resort and spa is a resort which has a view that many only dream of.


The view from this resort gives the perfect vantage point to enjoy the natural beauty of the scenery. The ambiance is so peaceful that you can hear even the smallest of voices.

It’s nice and relaxing to walk along the patio or balcony.


It’s a beautiful place on top of a hill from where you get a direct view of Muelle Bay and town. The location of the place makes it exclusive and it rightly is in the heart of the hills.

Utopia resort and spa exceeded my expectations. This place makes us feel like in Eden. Views are simply stunning.


The majestic view and the peacefulness it exudes are what most attracted me to this resort. Let’s grab a couple of drinks, and I’ll show you around…

The Tranquil view of the mountains and the sea is amazing.


The weather was perfect, and slowly Puerto Galera Island became visible in the morning light,


Far below is the sea in the morning mist.


Beautifully Landscaped Resort


This resort is in a really heavenly spot


Love that all balconies face the ocean


Guests can just relax and gaze out over the pond. ..


The sunrise and sunset was incredible and the view of the sea, just fascinating.



The open space Stage by the pool area, for hosting special events that can be held in the resort .


Let’s explore the rooms and the facilities, shall we…

Let’s explore


There is a Business Center if you need to use a computer.



Bistro & Restaurant where the Chef prepares the best tasting dishes.



The Lounge area.



A Spa for that much needed pampering.



Utopia resort and spa has a souvenir shop for pasalubongs or trinkets for something tangible to remind you of your stay.



Of course there’s a Bar, for those who like to “keep on walking”



The Reception, Bistro and Bar area.



The owner was thoughtful enough to make sure that there is a path and access for Persons With Disabilities PWD.



Has a better Pool area, better Stage, better Bar than most resorts …



Poolside fun at night.

The lights over the pool create hypnotic reflections


Ice cold Drinks, Great Food and  Videoke Zaniness by the poolside bar.


The Pool is glamorously transformed at night by the lighted jet fountains and other accents …


The owner, Mr. Kevin Bruce is wonderful to have a conversation with, and very hospitable indeed …..  If you ask him, he is so keen on letting you know about the details of the resort,  and the staff really makes you feel special.


Let’s walk around this spacious property and check out some of the rooms.







This was my lovely room for the night.







Needless to say, the rooms are so comfy and fantastic. I enjoyed a very refreshing night’s sleep in my room. The modern split-type remote controlled air conditioner worked fine throughout my stay for afternoon naps, or for when the temperature outside was a bit warm. And you are always a glance away from the most incredible view.

The bathrooms are well maintained and always kept clean.



I challenge you to find a better vantage point with which to view the sea. The views are simply breathtaking. All rooms have a second floor, which is where the bed rooms are located with a nice balcony facing the sea.

And at night, because there is no light pollution. The sky becomes a canvass, illuminated by the stars. Laying down on the ground and gazing up towards the night sky, you get a wondrous glimpse of the milky way.









You can have some coffee while looking at the mountains and the sea which is just in front of you.

Excellent coffee and view


While having a relaxing cuppa’, we felt like we were on top of the world. It was glorious! You will love it 100% because it’s in a calming, quiet place and surrounded by the inspiring beauty of nature. Those who love tranquility and nature, this resort is one of those must visit places.

The whole resort area literally is a pleasant fresh breathing space and is surrounded by nature’s lovely green landscape.



Cool wind, refreshing on one’s soul, one romantic place.


The beach is just a short walk away.

Stairs going down to the beach.


We do not exercise regularly, but I would say the steps are manageable.


Looks steep, but it is really worth it.


The beach was ridiculously beautiful and private. no other people! The natural beauty remained untouched.

You can walk along the beach, which is almost deserted and find attractive sitting areas with shade under big trees. A great place to relax and enjoy the beach.

You can walk the beaches and do so much more! Low tide brings wonderful photography opportunities along with the sunset.


Everything was just so nice! …the place, the food and the people! The property was surprisingly huge and beautifully landscaped. The view was relaxing.


All in all, a very enjoyable experience!


Utopia resort and spa is a beautiful place, with wonderful people, delicious food, a world class resort with stunning views. One of the best sunrises and sunsets that I have ever experienced. It’s honestly a must visit place in Puerto Galera.  Absolutely amazing. Will definitely visit again!.

This resort is perfect for family outings and celebrations, unforgettable for a wedding venue, it would be awesome for your honeymoon or a romantic getaway to propose to your girlfriend. Believe me, any girl would have a hard time turning you down while in this place!

It’s a popular resort for honeymoons and romantic trips


Highly recommended for those who are searching for a romantic, peaceful and beautiful place. “Utopia resort and spa“.

Watch the full breathtaking view  of  Utopia resort and spa.


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