Time to pour myself a glass of wine and enjoy bathtub bliss!

If you re a bathtub person, you probably have your routine down. It maybe a tall glass of wine, a few scented candles or simply a good book and plenty of bubbles. There’s no better way to decompress after a long day than a soak in the tub.

Most modern bathtubs are made of thermoformed acrylic, porcelain enameled steel, fiberglass-reinforced polyester, or porcelain enameled cast iron.

There are two types of Bathtubs:

Western style bathtubs in which the bather lies down. These baths are typically shallow and long. Eastern style bathtubs in which the bather sits up. These are known as ofuro in Japan and are typically short and deep.

How much do you know about your private pool’s history?

Documented early plumbing systems for bathing go back as far as around 3300 BC with the discovery of copper water pipes  in the Indus Valley Civilization of ancient India

3300 BC: The Great Bath of Mohenjo-daro is built in modern day Pakistan. Known as the “earliest public water tank of the ancient world,” the bath has a maximum depth of almost eight feet.

500 BC – 455 AD: The Roman Empire pioneers the custom of bathing daily. Public baths and private baths the size of modern-day indoor pools are common. People smell good.

500 – 1800: Bathing is completely ignored during the Dark Ages, and only done begrudgingly for centuries afterwards. Perfume and a strong threshold for B.O. rule the world.

Mid 18th century: Claw design originated in Holland. The design spread to England where it found much popularity among the aristocracy.

In the 1880s: The Scottish David Buick invented a process for bonding porcelain enamel to cast iron, as well as others including Kohler Company and J. L. Mott Iron Works, began successfully marketing porcelain enameled cast-iron bathtubs. Kohler company advertises their tub as a horse trough that can be converted into a human bathtub by adding legs.

1968: The Spa Whirlpool is invented by Jacuzzi. The “hot tub” is used as a therapeutic device for athletes and a relaxation device for everyone else.

The many health benefits associated with soaking in a hot tub are overlooked because it is seen as a luxury item. But the fact remains that everyone from middle class to millionaire athletes use hot tub and spas more for their health benefits than anything else.

The name “Spa“. Standard belief has it that the origin of the spa dates back to the Roman era, when troopers of their legions fatigued by wars, would take to rejuvenation, relaxation and treatment of sore wounds through water. Hot, natural spring water was considered to be the best cure for wounds and tired muscles.

They started building baths around naturally found hot water springs or hot water wells. These baths were popularly called ‘aquae’, while the treatments undertaken at these aquae were known as ‘Sanus Per Aquam’ – of that SPA is taken into account to be an acronym – which means health by or through water. Others believe that spa is an ellipsis of the Latin phrase ‘Sanitas per Aquas’, meaning the same. The Belgian city Spa, which rose to fame in the 14th century in this context, thus got its name, since a thermal spring having curative and thermal properties was discovered there.

Okay lets get back to my original story line.

The spa is located near entrance of the resort “Utopia Resort and Spa”.



Utopia Spa


The whole resort and of course, the Spa located within is very relaxing, you can already smell the mint/calming essences and oils while approaching the steps to the door.


Interior is so nice, it’s like a private room


Staff are professional and well trained to attend to every detail.


Loved every moment. Delightful staff who genuinely cared about your well being.


The spa and shower tub bring the joy and comfort of soaking in a bubble bath.

I just loved soaking in the warm fizzy bubbles in there.


The setting was beautiful and you were made to feel special as soon as you walked in. I was pleasantly surprised and impressed by this place! It is quietly tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the main road.


Warm room. Beautiful music. flowers and scents flowing


In this day and age, where we are all so stressed and wound up from work or from battling life. It’s a relief to know that just like what the legionnaires and people of the past have taught us, bathing in a spa can help to relieve your stress and heal the body and mind. The warm water loosens tight muscles and helps you to relax, this, in turn, results in better quality sleep and melts one’s worries away.


Here in Utopia Resort and Spa , you will feel  like you are  the most important person in the world.


Frequent spa sessions can improve your overall health. Some studies have shown that warm spa baths reduce the risk of cardio vascular disease and diabetes. It can even help promote weigh loss. Of course  it’s not a replacement for proper diet and exercise, but it can help improve your results.


Leaving you feel refreshed


My visit to Utopia resort and spa was beyond perfect! I just loved every moment. Delightful staff who genuinely cared about my wellness. Gorgeous atmosphere, wonderful massage, plus the bonus fantastic view of the sea and mountains, The intimate service provided makes you feel like you are a VIP!!

Kudos to the owner, Mr. Kevin Bruce and his staff. For they are all highly invested in what they do, and they actually love what they do.

Do yourself a favor and experience this tranquil little slice of heaven. You will not be disappointed!
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